Data Entry for Begemann Mechanical CPT

Follow these steps to enter a Begemann Mechanical CPT result:

  1. Create a record on the POINT table, with the correct Hole Depth.
  2. Move to the table Cone Information, and if necessary create a new cone and set the values similar to the screens shot.
  3. Move to CPT Data, and select Add-Ins > Datgel CPT Tool > Pre-Populate Depth Field. This will populate the CPT readings with intervals of 200 mm to the Hole Depth. You may need to press F5 to refesh the bottom grid.
  4. Select the correct item from the Cone_ID lookup list.
  5. Enter the data in the lower half of the screen for field Mech_Reading_1 and Mech_Reading_2.
  6. On the top half of the screen enter the Groundwater_Depth
  7. Now click save, and the data will calculate assuming you have not suppressed the calculation on the Project_Parameters table.

For a definition of the calculations see section Begemann Mechanical Cone Calculations.