Remote support tools

In order to offer a better Support, a remote connection may be useful in helping you to solve your troubles.
In this section, we will show three options to allow Datgel’s support to connect to your computer. In all cases, you will never lose the control of the computer. The first option is TeamViewer, you will need to have the program installed in your computer. The second solution is provided by Windows, so you have already installed on your computer. The third option is an app for Google Chrome.

Step-by-step guide

Option 1 - TeamViewer

  1. Download and run the following software to start the remote control tool TeamViewer Quicksupport:
  2. You need to tell us your ID and your Password.
  3. Then we will connect to your computer to help you to fix the issues.

Option 2 - Using Windows Remote Assistant

Windows 10, 8 and 7 all come with Windows Remote Assistance built into the OS.
To send an invitation, open the Run box, type msra and click “Enter”.

In the next window click on “Invite someone you trust to help you”.

Then, if you have Outlook installed in your computer, click on the second option “Use email to send an invitation” and a new email with the invitation file attached will be prompted and you will need to send it to Datgel’s Support.

Otherwise, you can choose the first option “Save this invitation as a file” and send the file using your email.

After send the email or save the attached file depending on the option you choose, the Windows Remote Assistance will be opened and this window shows the password. Do not close this window otherwise the session will end. Provide the password to Datgel’s support.

If there is a problem connecting, try this solution on the End User's PC:

In addition, you will need to allow us to take the control too.

The Windows Remote Assistance window will allow you to open a chat, pause the sharing and Stop the sharing by clicking on the related buttons.

Once you or Datgel’s Support stops sharing, the session will be ended.

Option 3 - Using Chrome Remote Desktop

To receive a technical support from Datgel by using Chrome Remote Desktop, you will need to have this app installed in your computer: Chrome Remote Desktop. This app can be used using any Windows version (Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10).

After open the Chrome Remote Desktop you will need to click on “Enable” remote connections.

Once you click on the “Share” button in the Remote Assistance window, you will get an access code. You will need to provide the access code to the Datgel’s Support (by email, phone or chat).

Datgel’s Support will launch the same app using the password you provided and you will need allow us to connect to your computer by clicking on “Share”.

By closing the app, the Remote Connection will be ended and Datgel’s Support will not see and control the computer anymore