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About Datgel Security Tool Enterprise

The Datgel Security Tool Enterprise gINT Add-In works with gINT SQL Server databases and allows for User Access Control over the editing and deletion of data, and use of gINT menu commands and Add-In menu commands. It allows the database administrator to build a customisable user interface for gINT based on the needs of particular users, by hiding applications and application groups, table groups, tables and fields. Security configurations can be applied at three levels, project, database and instance. The security objects are linked to Active Directory users and groups or SQL logins. The security definition is made in the web application hosted on a user's server, and controls are applied by a client application.

You need to complete the installation procedure (see Installation and Licensing) and activate the client (see ) before you can use the Security Tool Enterprise.


You are eligible for support and maintenance if the DSM subscription for your license is current. For technical support please email or call +61 2 8202 8600 or +65 6631 9780.

About this Guide

This document is intended for system administrators and tech-savvy geotechnical professionals.

Conventions and typography used in this guide







Used to indicate a series of menu commands, e.g. Select File > Open.


Used to indicate a gINT Application Group, Application, Table Group or Table , e.g. DATA DESIGN | Project Database.

Bold Text

Items you must select, command buttons, or items in a list, e.g. Navigate to UTILITIES | Convert Projects (4th tab).

Italics Emphasis

Use to emphasize the importance of a point such as parameters, e.g. Data Entry – Check Omit Must Save prompt when save is required.


Names of keys on the keyboard, for example, SHIFT, CTRL, or ALT.


Key combinations, for example CTRL+P, or ALT+F4.

Code Snippet

Indicates a code snippet within a paragraph.

Code sample

Indicates a sample program codes inserted in user guide e.g.

public override string ToString ()
File name or path

Used for formatting file name and paths e.g. abc lib.glb or V:\10 gINT\Datgel Install Files.


Database table name, e.g. POINT_TABLE.


Database field name; e.g. PointID.

Command line

Command line, presented exactly as it must be entered e.g. cdir.

Field Colours

Each of the fields in the project tables have been coloured to improve the data entry process as indicated the following table.

 Field Colour

Field Name and Explanation


gINT Key Field – mandatory data entry

Pastel Purple

AGS Data – data associated with the AGS Data Interchange Format

Pastel Green

Calculated Field – data is written to this field by Datgel's code

Brown - Green

Data Enter and Calculated field

Pastel Beige

Data Entry Field – data should be entered into this field, or data in this field influences the calculation

Pastel Red

Legacy Data Field – historic data entered here, is typically from an old database

Pastel Blue

Output Option – used to control how data displays on a report

Pastel Orange

Remark or Metadata Field – additional data associated with the primary information



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