Picture not showing on report with Datgel Photo Tool


I could link my photos into my project using the Add-In menu item, and I can see the data about my photos in INPUT | Main Group | Image, but when I preview a report I get a window (user report variables) after press OK the photos do not display.


A range of things could be wrong.  Work your way through this list:

  1. Check the name of the folder containing the jpg files is correct and in the correct location.
  2. Check the jpg file names are correct.
  3. Check the IMAGE.Image_Type has the correct code for the report you plan to use.  Also that the images are listed in the IMAGE table.
    Say you have Core Photos, this is an example of what is needed:
    1. Image type should be "CPB"
    2. If the Project is located: "P:\Consulting\gINT Files\3.01.0 & logs\abc 3.01.1.gpj"
    3. Then a core photo should be here: "P:\Consulting\gINT Files\3.01.0 & logs\abc 3.01.1 core photo\V-DPT-BH1_05.45-06.00.jpg"
  4. Check PROJECT_OPTIONS.Image_Depth_Format is not "0".  If so, change it to "00.00", blank, or set the required format.
  5. For log column images, check the value set infield POINT.Visual_Column.
  6. Ensure the images do not exceed 9 MB per page.
  7. Rotate images 90 deg then rotate -90deg in an image program like paint.net. 

Refer to Using the Tool.