How to test a Datgel license

You have installed a Datgel Add-In program, but it doesn't seem to be running.  For example, your Datgel gINT Add-In may not be calculating on save, or when you enter the license details and click the hyperlink a message states it failed.

Step-by-step guide

When you click the hyperlink on the license form it tries to occupy a seat, but if all seats are in use it can't and the message states it failed.  So, there is not a problem in this case.

To get a full error message on what has failed:

  1. First be sure you have entered the license details and save them.  Close the license form.
  2. Then call an Add-In menu command for the product, e.g. for the DGD Tool call Add-Ins > Datgel DGD Tool > Point Load Test Form.  
  3. Expand the details and review the text.  If you wish to share this information with others, click on Copy to Clipboard and paste into an email or into the support ticket interface.