How do I automate the delivery of gINT licenses onto desktops?

Use Active Directory Group Policies - Read this PDF, and download this file.


Logon Script - Must be using gINT version 8.2.904 or later:

Adding registry file (*.reg)

Using the command line interface to LicenseToolCmd.exe in a batch/shortcut

Example start-up batch job: 
"%ProgramFiles%\Bentley\gINT\bin\LicenseToolCmd.exe" /nowin configure -setting:SelectServer 
"%ProgramFiles%\Bentley\gINT\bin\LicenseToolCmd.exe" /nowin configure -setting:ActivationKey -value:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 
"%ProgramFiles%\Bentley\gINT\bin\LicenseToolCmd.exe" /nowin configure -setting:Country -value:AU