gint*exe.config edited by Datgel

The gINT*.exe.config files for gINT versions V8i and 10.* are edited by Datgel software during installation.  When Datgel's software splash screen shows it checks the edits to gINT*.exe.config files are present, and if not it will attempt to apply the changes.  If your user account doesn't have administrator rights you will be prompted to enter administrator credentials.  Installing a new version of gINT will return the gINT*.exe.config file to its virgin state, hence Datgel's software will need to apply the edits again next time your run it. 

This may complicate automated deployment of Datgel Toolbox.  You may need to first do a manual installation on a test client PC, and take the edited gINT config files for each gINT version and first deploy these before deploying Datgel Toolbox.

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