Working with Datgel's Support Request System


This page explains the basics for a customer to use the Datgel's support request system.

The system is Jira Service Management (JSM), which is a module of Atlassian Jira. For information, Datgel uses Jira to track and manage software development and operations.

User account for JSM

You can login using your Datgel ID, and it is linked to the JSM user account based on the email address.  

When your email is added to the system, a customer account is created.  Your account creation maybe be initiated by one of these ways:

You can set and reset your password here:

Making a new issue

You can create a new issue in one of these ways:

You should provide

  • A full description of the problem
  • Version of the software in use
  • Define what you did immediately before an error showed
  • A screen shot of the problem
  • If a Datgel error form shows, click on copy to clipboard and paste the text into the email/issue comment
  • Provide relevant files so that Datgel can reproduce the problem, such and a library and project

Working with an existing issue

You can work with existing issues in one of these ways:

Using the portal

The portal is at

From this interface you can search a limited range of support docs, make new support issues, and work with existing issues. 

Our full documentation is here

Product feedback and Voting on new features

Datgel in interested in your input on what new features you would like in our software products.  We have implemented a system to record votes from our users and we invite you to participate.

The feature voting system is hosted within Datgel’s support request system, Jira Service Management.  Hence you will need to login, and if you have not previously registered you will need to do so. 

You can view existing ideas and vote on them here

The interface allows you to filter by product, and search for key words. When you’ve found the feature, you can up vote, down vote and comment on it.

If you can’t find your idea already listed, then you can make a new issue.