Datgel Generation 3


Datgel Generation 3 is a major new release, and includes a single installer for all products, cloud license system and support for AGS 4.1.1 and AGS 4.1.1 AU 1.2 (in addition to AGS 3.1 RTA 1.1, AGS 3.1 and AGS 4.0).

The latest Datgel Toolbox installer is on https://www.datgel.com/customer/downloadableproducts

The customer's Org Admin user is created by Datgel, and the user would need to set their password on https://id.datgel.com/user/forgot/password

The Org Admin user can use the https://id.datgel.com/orgadmin interface to manage your Datgel license users. The Org Admin user then needs to invite other users here https://id.datgel.com/orgadmin/invitations/create.  Alternatively, id.datgel.com can be federated with Azure Active Directory.


How does the new license work?

It is based on users linked to an organization, and the system is hosted in the cloud.

The first time you cause the Datgel program to run, which maybe at gINT start up, your default web browser will open, and you will be asked to login using your Datgel license credentials. 

You don't need to log out from the Datgel license system.  In online mode the license seat is held for 10 min from when the Datgel tool is first used in that session of gINT, after 9 min the entitlement is refreshed if gINT is open. To release a license, close gINT and wait up to 10 min.

The checkout mode is basically like the online mode just the 10 min is changed to the period you select. To manage check outs, open Datgel Licensing Manager.

Datgel Licensing Manager app can be launched from the windows start menu and from an Add-in menu in gINT.

Steps for migration from Datgel Generation 2 to Generation 3

Datgel would have emailed the orgadmin user, and their email address is their id.datgel.com username.

  1. The orgadmin user must set a password here https://id.datgel.com/user/forgot/password
  2. Then the orgadmin user must login to https://id.datgel.com/orgadmin
  3. Invite end users here https://id.datgel.com/orgadmin/invitations/create, you can set some users to be orgadmin
  4. Download the latest Datgel Toolbox installer from https://www.datgel.com/customer/downloadableproducts
  5. On each client pc:
    1. Uninstall old Datgel programs, e.g. Datgel CPT Tool and Datgel DGD Tool
    2. Install Datgel Toolbox
    3. Start gINT, and cause a Datgel Tool to run.  Login when browser shows using an end user credentials.

Return old USB Hardware keys to Datgel

When you have migrated over, please courier the old USB keys to one of these addresses.

Attention to: Phil Wade <info@datgel.com>

  • Datgel Pty Ltd, Level 5 & 6, 616 Harris Street, Ultimo NSW 2007 Australia

T: +61 2 8202 8600

  • Datgel Asia Pte Ltd, 100 Amoy Street, 069920 Singapore

T: +65 6631 9780

Please define a value of no more than USD 10 per key.

If you are located in Singapore, you may use SingPost, and if you are located in Australia you may use Australia Post.

Future Roadmap