Project database corruption


When opening a project or while using a project I see errors like the following.


It appears that the project (*.gpj) file is corrupt. Try the following solutions:

  1. Ensure no one else has that project (*.gpj) and library (*.glb) open. Then go to UTILITIES | Repair compact database, check the box for the project and library, and execute. Review the text report.  It is optional to repair and compact the library.
  2. Recent versions of gINT make a backup in this folder: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Bentley\gINT\temp.  Sort the folder for recent files first, and look for a a file named "x<your filename>.gbk".  Then copy it to a new folder and rename the file with extension ".gpj".
  3. If you have automatic file backups enabled, then locate the newer *.bak1 or *.bak2 file located in the same folder as your project file. Rename the extension to have *.gpj, ensuring the file name differs from the original file.
  4. Make a new project database and import the broken project data into the new one using INPUT | File > Import/Export > Import from Database.
  5. Failing all that, recover a backup from a Previous Version of the file (right click on the file in File Explorer and select the Previous Versions tab), or recover the file from last night's backup (ask your IT department).