Elevations and Coordinates


  • On the PROJECT and POINT tables, what is the use of Elevation Datum 2/3, Coordinate System 2, Geographical Coordinate System?
  • What these fields in Point table for: East 2, North 2, Elevation 2, East Traverse End 2 (=East), North Traverse End 2 (=North), Elevation Traverse End 2 (=Elevation-Final Depth), Elevation 3, Grid Reference?
  • Is Original Ground Elevation field only relevant for CPT which would affect CPT data plotting starting depth?


gINT only uses East/North/Elevation and Coordinate system 1 and Elevation Datum 1 for producing maps and fences.  These additional coordinate fields are additional meta data, that could be display on log reports and are exported to AGS Format.

The Traverse End fields are for the end of a scan line/traverse POINT type

Original Ground Elevation can be populated by the Add-Ins > Datgel DGD Tool > Set Elevation or Depth from Surface.  It is only used by CPT Tool reports.