Young's Modulus

Young's Modulus 1

Small Strain Young's Modulus 1 (E_0) in Youngs_Modulus_1 is defined as:

E_0=2 \cdot(1+v) \cdot G_0

Elastic theory, CPT in Geotechnical Practice p 74 and 94, NCHRP Synthesis 368 p 32

     v = 0.2 is applied and can be varied in the Formula Tool. Published literature states: v'=0.2 applies for drained soils and v_u=0.5 applies for undrained soils .
     G_0 is taken from Small_Strain_Shear_Modulus_2.

This correlation of E_0 is applicable to all soil types.

Young's Modulus 2

Young's Modulus 2 (E_0) in Youngs_Modulus_2 is defined as:

E_0= \alpha q_c

CPT in Geotechnical Practice p 160, Figure 6.13

     \alpha is calculated from degree of loading, q_c, effective stress and reduction factor as given in the following plot.

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